My hope is to inspire you to get in the kitchen and have an adventure. Make something you have never tried before.  Push yourself to make something you have always been intimidated to make but most importantly to have fun and make memories!

Pancakes & Waffles

Funfetti Pancakes



 Jacob celebrated his 7th birthday this past weekend, and I can hardly believe it the time has gone by so fast.  It seems like just yesterday he was learning how to crawl.  Now, he just lost his first tooth – yikes!  We have a tradition in our house – the birthday person gets to choose what they want for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Jacob adores pancakes!  I think he would eat them everyday for breakfast if I would let him.  So naturally, that is what he wanted for breakfast.  I couldn’t just make him plain ordinary pancakes for his birthday – these needed to be special, and what is more special than sprinkles?  I used my go-to pancake recipe and added some sprinkles.  Then I topped it with some homemade whipped cream and obviously more sprinkles because sprinkles makes life happy!


Yeasted Waffles with Brandied Apples

Ah, Saturday morning breakfast, I so look forward to you each week!  Saturday is by far my favorite day of the week, and I am sure all of you agree.  I almost always dedicate this morning to a big family breakfast with pancakes or waffles along with eggs, bacon, or sausage – and every so often, homemade skillet potatoes with onions and peppers. Mmm mmm mmm – is your mouth watering yet? Because I know mine sure is!  When I stumbled upon this yeasted waffle recipe from Annie’s Eats, I knew I wanted to try them. The way she ooh’d and aww’d over them, I knew they had to be great!  I have tried many waffle recipes in my day, and they all were ok, but I always felt like they could be a little better. I am always searching for new recipes to try out since I have not found the perfect recipe so far….until now!  These waffles are so light and airy with a really crispy crust, perfect for drowning in syrup!!  I chose to make this brandied apple topping for mine, but they would be great with just about any kind of topping imaginable. 

Homemade Whole-Grain Pancake Mix

I try to get as many whole grains into our house as possible.  These days that mainly includes bread, crackers and cereal.  I am not well verse in baking with whole grains, but in my never ending quest to make healthy choices for my family I wanted to learn more so when I stumbled on this recipe from King Arthur flour.   I knew I had to at least try it.  If you have never been on their website I highly recommend you go their stat!   You will find so many delicious recipes and great tutorials.  I could serious spend hours there!

The pancake mix is very simple to put together.  It yields about 10 batches of pancakes and stores perfectly in the freezer.  We all agreed that they were very delicious and just different enough to put a some variety in our normal pancake routine!  Enjoy!

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